Maddie (animalorsublime) wrote,

Weirdo dreams

I had a really weird dream last night. It started off with me walking with traffic... like waiting at a light, but I was walking, not driving. I really wanted the light to change so I was inching out, but like.. walking.. it was weird. It was at the intersection by "the Wall" on pleinfeild. So then like I turned off, and I foun d a cell phone. it said bob or something weird with a b... and then this guy was walking in traffic to, and he came up to me, and I knew it was his phone. He was so hot.. shoulder length hair, and yeah... and he told me to walk/drive with him to the store to distract the guy in the store so he could steal batteries to see if it was his phone. ( I forgot but I put the phone in my purse when I found it, and when I was tyring to find ti to give to him... there was like 20 billion of them in there.. no joke... and I was like this one...? and he kept saying no till like the last one.) yeah so It was like a fancy resturant insetad of being a store, and I stood outside the window, and the guy I was trying to distract was also hot, with the long hair... and then I woke up... weird
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